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Jenna Blum::The Lost Family
Jane Isay::Unconditional Love
Nathan Englander::Dinner at the Center of the Earth
Adam Frank::Light of the Stars
Peter Lovenheim::The Attachment Effect
Joanne Serling::Good Neighbors
Norman Ornstein::One Nation After Trump
Avi Jorisch::Thou Shalt Innovate
Bernice Steinhardt::Memories of Survival
Yosef Mendelevich::Unbroken Spirit
Yossi Klein Halevi::Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor

Get TicketsFriday, October 26, 12pm, JCC Auditoriums, $25 / $20 Member

Jane Isay

Unconditional Love:
A Guide to Navigating the Joyc and Challenges of Being a Granparent Today

(Harper, 2018)

Wonderfully intimate, psychologically astute and always humorous, Jane Isay’s Unconditional Love is an emotional blueprint to one of life’s greatest joys. Isay explores the realities of today’s multigenerational families, offering a wealth of practical advice on when to get involved, when to stay away, and how to foster a strong relationship when you’re separated by long distance. Isay is the author of three previous books: Secrets and Lies, about family secrets and revelations; Walking on Eggshells, about parents and their adult children; and Mom Still Likes You Best, about adult siblings. As a book editor for nearly 40 years, she discovered Mary Pipher’s Reviving Ophelia, commissioned Rachel Simmons’ Odd Girl Out and edited Praying for Sheetrock and Friday Night Lights. She lives in New York City.


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