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The Firsts:
The Inside Story of the Women Reshaping Congress
(Algonquin Books, 2020)

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Karen Magnuson is a former executive editor of the Democrat and Chronicle and state editor of the USA TODAY Network. She currently serves as project director for New York and Michigan for the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonprofit committed to spreading the practice of reporting on solutions to problems.

In November 2018, the greatest number of women in American history entered Congress. From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and ​“the Squad” to ​“the Badasses” with national security backgrounds, from the first two Native Americans in Congress to the first two Muslim women, all were swept into office on a wave of grassroots support diverse in background, age, professional experience, and ideology.

In The Firsts, New York Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer follows these women’s first year in the 116th Congress, chronicling their transition from running trailblazing campaigns to the daily work of governance. In committee rooms, offices, and conversations on the run through the halls of the Capitol, she probed the question: Would Washington, with its hidebound traditions, change the changemakers or would this Congress, which looked a little more like today’s America, truly be the start of something new?

Vivid and smart, The Firsts delivers fresh details, inside access, historical perspective, and expert analysis as these women — inspiring, controversial, talented, and rebellious — do something truly surprising: make Congress essential again.

Jennifer Steinhauer has covered high-profile beats in her twenty-five-year reporting career at The New York Times, from City Hall bureau chief and Los Angeles bureau chief to Capitol Hill. She won the Newswoman’s Club of New York Front Page Deadline Reporting Award in 2006 for her reporting on Hurricane Katrina. She has written a novel about the television business and two cookbooks. 

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