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Peas, Love, & Carrots
(Mesorah Publications, Ltd., 2020)

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Delicious recipes and beautiful art and photos worthy of space in your kitchen and on your coffee table!

An extension of the @peaslovencarrots community Danielle has built, where tens of thousands of people tune in daily for recipes and cooking tutorials, lifestyle tips, and all things family related! With 254+ approachable recipes and 186+ gorgeous photos that draw inspiration from Danielle's Sephardic and Ashkenazi roots, there is plenty in here for every person and every occasion!

Filled with tips + tricks, stories, anecdotes, and insights that leave us laughing, teach us how to be better cooks, and make us proud of our lives in the kitchen and of the food that we serve to beloved friends and family.

Danielle Renov is the blogger/​influencer behind the popular brand, website, www​.peasloven​car​rots​.com, and Instagram account @peaslovencarrots.

From her kitchen in Israel, she creates delicious and approachable recipes, lifestyle tips and hacks, and shares all things motherhood and family related. But mostly, it’s food. Half Moroccan and half Ashkenaz, Danielle was born and raised in Long Island, New York. After her marriage, she and her husband Eli moved to Israel, where they’ve lived with their children ever since. Danielle is a living melting pot of the cultures she was born into and those she now lives among. The Machane Yehuda Shuk in Jerusalem is where she spends her days, wandering its alleyways, chatting up vendors, and making new friends. Danielle has created a community where all are welcome, no matter who they are or where they come from. Food is the medium she uses to express her love to those around her and she is looking forward to bringing more peas and love into the world by helping others gather people around tables everywhere filled with yummy food and happy tummies!

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Peas, Love, & Carrots

Generously underwritten by Mona Friedman Kolko, Sharon R. Brodsky and Family, and Marcia Stern


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